April 16, 2018

LC SALDF’s 5th Annual Networking Event at Stoel Rives + Networking Prep. Panel

LC SALDF hosts two networking events, aimed at helping students finding summer and long-term employment!

On Thursday, February 8th and on Friday, February 9th LC SALDF hosted two separate networking events designed to help our members find summer and long-term employment opportunities.

The first event, on February 8th, featured Priscilla Rader, Professor David Rosengard, and Angie Fagg, all of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  These three animal law program and LC SALDF standout alumni discussed networking tips for our annual Networking Event the following day, and beyond.  Current LC SALDF members felt this paneled provided a fantastic opportunity to ask questions of individuals who are making hiring decisions in the animal law field and have been in our shoes not that long ago.  Anecdotal, but practical advice mixed in with some humor about the joys of networking made this event a lighthearted, but incredibly useful one, especially leading into the following day’s event: our 5th Annual Networking Event.

The following day, on February 9th, was LC SALDF’s 5th Annual Networking Event.  This year, as we were last year, we were fortunate to be able to host this event and the roughly 30 professionals who attended, at Stoel Rives Law Firm in downtown Portland, Oregon.  This event would not be the success that it was without their generosity, as well as that of the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s through their incredible help in granting LC SALDF a project grant in order to assist with the costs of putting on this event.  Megan Amos, LC SALDF’s Pro Bono Chair worked hard to organize this event which allowed students with ample opportunities for one-on-one interaction with those working in the fields in which they too hope to pursue a career.  We are so thankful to Megan for her hard work in making this event a success, as well as to all of the professionals in the Portland area who kindly lent their time to us!