August 13, 2018

Professor Foster gives talk on Industry-Community Relations for Academy of Legal Studies in Business

Professor George K. Foster was invited to be the speaker at an August 12 meeting of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Section of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB) during the ALSB’s 2018 Conference.  His talk—entitled “Avoiding Conflict and Promoting Cooperation in Industry-Community Relations”—examined innovations that are increasingly being employed in countries around the world to improve the effectiveness of environmental impact assessments (EIAs), involve local stakeholders in decision-making processes associated with development projects, and enable communities to share in projects’ economic benefits.  As part of the discussion, Professor Foster considered the potential effects of executive orders issued by President Trump on the integrity of EIAs, highlighted inconsistencies in the application of financial institutions’ environmental and social standards, and explored the advantages and pitfalls of community development agreements.