October 03, 2018

Staff Profile: Josh Medina

Staff Profile: Josh Medina

Joshua Medina, JD, joined NCVLI in May 2018 as the newest Staff Attorney & Pro Bono Coordinator.  View Josh’s biography on our Staff Page or read on to learn more about Josh in his own words.

Why did you first get interested in working with NCVLI and victims’ rights?

I have always dedicated my career to creating space for victims of crime and persecution.  While working with immigrant communities in underserved regions, I was forced to think creatively and develop partnerships to amplify my work.  My investment in my clients and their need for holistic representation taught me that change requires a collaborative movement.  No organization embodies that sentiment better than NCVLI.  Beyond NCVLI’s reputation as a leader and capacity builder, but my interest in joining its legal team grew from the natural intersection between my passion for empowering marginalized communities and NCVLI’s mission.

As an organization what is NCVLI’s greatest strength?

In my opinion, NCVLI’s greatest strength is its sense of identity.  NCVLI’s board, staff, and partners all benefit from a clear understanding of its mission, goals, and methodologies.  This understanding contributes to the efficacy of NCVLI’s programming and allows its staff members to work towards clear objectives as a team.

What are your hobbies?

Outdoor activities keep me balanced, so I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, and snowboarding - especially with my partner and our dog.  I also love playing and listening to music, reading, and sharing stories with good people.

What has been the most rewarding thing you have done in your professional life?

I am always excited to develop and implement new projects, so I’d have to say my most rewarding endeavor was creating the only humanitarian immigration law program in Alabama and serving people all over the state through a collaborative structure I built from scratch.  That project not only created a new impact for underserved communities, but its model also led me here to NCVLI where I get to continue to create space for victims’ rights on a grander scale with an amazing team.