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Alumni in Action: Ever Vimbai Chinoda

October 22, 2018

  • Ever Vimbai Chinoda LLM '17

Harare, Zimbabwe

1. What have you done since leaving the Animal Law LL.M. Program and what is the impact of your work on animals?

I have directed various programs at Speak Out For Animals (SOFA), such as the SOFA-University of Zimbabwe Student Chapter and SOFA- Great Zimbabwe Student Chapter. I have also trained animal lawyers in Zimbabwe, and have had several speaking engagements in the US and around the world, including speaking at III Global Animal law Conference in Hong Kong and Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants Conference. I have worked on several animal litigation cases in Portland, OR, and I compiled a Wildlife Legal Guide for law students and law enforcement agents in Zimbabwe so the laws are easier to understand and enforce.

2. How would you describe the value of your post-JD animal law education?

I have found value in being able to apply my animal law education in various contexts. In my opinion, the ability to translate the information as it relates to situations in my home country is hugely valueable. Having an animal law education has enabled me to teach others and follow my dream of protecting animals using my legal knowledge, skills, and talents. Most importantly, I have been able to make an impact by influencing fellow lawyers in Zimbabwe to devote time and energy to animal law; by working together, we are saving animals in Zimbabwe through our nonprofit, Speak Out For Animals.

3. What do you remember most about the Animal Law LL.M. Program at Lewis & Clark?

I remember the Professors, particularly Kathy Hessler and Russ Mead. They are full of knowledge and were supportive of my work and projects during the program and even after completing the LL.M Program. This is not common for most professors; once you graduate, professors move on. But these professors are different. In a new and developing field of law like this, you need such professors who are engaged with students beyond graduation.