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GEI Submits Comments on EPA’s Proposed Vehicle Rollbacks

October 24, 2018

  • GEI Director Melissa Powers presents testimony at the October 23 hearing

GEI submitted comments on behalf of several Oregon organizations opposing the EPA’s damaging proposals to roll back fuel efficiency standards and vehicle greenhouse gas emissions standards. The revised “Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient” (SAFE) vehicles rules will dramatically reduce the amount of projected emissions reductions from vehicles according to the EPA’s own data.

  • EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) project that vehicles subject to the proposed weakened standards will emit an additional 872 million metric tons of CO2 over the vehicles’ lifetimes, as compared to the current standards;

  • EPA estimates that the proposed rule will result in an additional 3.8 billion tons of CO2 emissions compared to the existing standards.

  • View GEI’s full comments in opposition to the SAFE rule on our website


Oregon Stands Up to EPA

EPA issued the proposed rollbacks, along with a proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan (which would have reduced carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants), in late August. EPA then refused multiple requests to extend the timeframe for concerned citizens to comment on the rollbacks. EPA also held only four public hearings regarding the rollbacks, despite a broad public outcry. Oregon’s DEQ, however, stepped up to the bat and provided a public hearing on the regulatory rollbacks on October 23.

GEI presented testimony during the public hearing. “Thanks to current standards, the current fleets are safer and cleaner,” stated GEI staff attorney Amelia Schlusser. “Now the Trump Administration is putting the brakes on progress.”  

Thanks to Neighbors for Clean Air and others who helped to organize and publicize this event, as well as those who showed up in support and to submit comments. All comments provided during the hearing were recorded and will be submitted to the EPA by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

View photos and read Multnomah County’s coverage of the hearing here.

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