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Contracts I 008-R

November 05, 2018


Class Title: Contracts I 008-R
Instructor:  Bushaw
Test Date:   Scheduled, Thursday December 6, 1:15pm, Room 3


Exam Type:    Secure

Secure = The exam-taker has no access to any computer files or to the internet. The computer functions only as a word processor. Any materials allowed into the exam must be brought to the exam as hard copy.


Secure Exam (Student has no access to computer files or internet)
List of Hard Copy Materials Allowed During Exam

Students may refer to the text, to Blum’s Contracts: Examples and Explanations (if they so desire), to class hand-outs and to class notes. Students may also refer to outlines or other study aids, provided that the students have prepared them themselves or in conjunction with other students currently enrolled in the course. STUDENTS ARE NOT TO CONSULT COMMERCIAL OUTLINES OR STUDY AIDS. All of the materials that students refer to during the exam must be in hard copy form.