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Patent Law 416-A

November 12, 2018


Class Title: Patent Law 416-A
Instructor:  Aldrich
Test Date:  Scheduled, Wednesday December 12, 8:30am, Room 2


Exam Type:    Secure

Secure = The exam-taker has no access to any computer files or to the internet. The computer functions only as a word processor. Any materials allowed into the exam must be brought to the exam as hard copy.


Secure Exam (Student has no access to computer files or internet)
List of Hard Copy Materials Allowed During Exam

You may use your textbook, copies of the relevant statutes, and notes and outlines that you ‎prepared. To the extent you studied with others, you may use notes or outlines that you made a ‎significant contribution to. You may use any materials provided by Professor Aldrich, including ‎slide presentations and emails he sent.‎