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Intellectual Property Survey 368-A

November 19, 2018


Class Title: Intellectual Property  368-A
Instructor:  Loren
Test Date:   Scheduled, Tuesday December 11, 1:15pm, Room 2


Exam Type:    Non-Secure and Blocking Internet

Non-Secure and Blocking Internet = (Student can access computer files but not the Internet)


Non-Secure and Blocking Internet Exam (Student can access computer files but not the internet)
List of Materials Allowed During Exam

The exam will be semi-open-book. During the exam you may consult the following materials: The required book and statutory supplement (either in print or digital format) Your own notes and other L&C student notes from the current term (no “past outlines” or student notes from prior semesters are permitted). You may not consult the class power point slides during the exam. If you find a particular slide helpful, you may incorporate that slide into your notes. No more than two slides per class session may be included wholesale in your notes.

May the student copy & paste material into the exam?:


Special Exam Instructions: You may not be connected to the internet during the exam and may not communicate with anyone else during the exam (either live or via any other means, including but not limited to electronic or telephonic means). You may not have prepared materials from which you cut and paste material – all material must be written/typed by you during the exam. There will be word/page limits on the essay exam answers.