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Copyright 331-E

November 19, 2018


Class Title: Copyright  331-E
Instructor:  Loren
Test Date:   Scheduled, Wednesday December 5, 6:00pm, Room 3


Exam Type:    Non-Secure and Blocking Internet

Non-Secure and Blocking Internet = (Student can access computer files but not the internet)


Non-Secure and Blocking Internet Exam (Student can access computer files but not the internet)
List of  Materials Allowed During Exam

Copyright Casebook & 2018 Supplement, along with other assigned readings. Statute. Your own notes & outlines, classmates notes and outlines. No “past outlines”. No wholesale copies of the powerpoint slides from class. You need to work with those and incorporate into your notes


Can the student copy and paste material into the exam?:


Special Exam Instructions:

Included in the permitted materials is a copy of the casebook and a copy of the Copyright Act.  If your copy of either (or both) of those is in a format that requires a different device (for example if you have a kindle version of the book), you must notify me that you plan to use such a device during the exam.  Once you have notified me, you may bring in your device that has your copy of the book on it.  If you bring an additional device, such as an ipad or kindle, you are prohibited from accessing the internet on that device. Accessing the internet during the exam is not permitted.