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GEI’s 2018 Annual Report

November 21, 2018

The Green Energy Institute is wrapping up its fifth year in operation, and I could not be more proud of our team and the work we have accomplished. As we finished our review of 2018, I was struck by how much our small, dedicated team completed throughout the year - ranging from supporting the development of community solar projects around the country, to regulatory advocacy at the state and federal level, to a deep dive into the legal and policy strategies local governments can pursue to reduce toxic diesel emissions in the Portland metropolitan area. Read our 2018 annual report for highlights of this year’s accomplishments.


Over the years we have also had the pleasure of working with several innovative, knowledgeable, and passionate Energy Law Fellows, students who have contributed greatly to our analyses, reports, participation in workgroups, and official comments and testimony. This year, we checked in with our fellows to see where they are now: continuing their legal careers at agencies, companies, organizations, and universities around the country. Read our full report to learn more about and hear from our past Fellows.



Though we are a part of the Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law Program at Lewis & Clark Law School, we are a self-funded research center. Without your support, we would not be able to accomplish the work we do. So as we reflect on the work we’ve done this year, we also reflect with gratitude upon the generous donors, supporters, funders, advisors, and organizations like you that we are fortunate to partner with.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our team and mission to a swift, equitable transition to a renewable energy system.


We’ve also included a brief introduction to our plans for 2019. We have several exciting announcements about upcoming projects, partnerships, and events. View our full report for more information. Upcoming projects will expand our impact in the community, building capacity among community partners, providing opportunities for dynamic dialog among industry and policy leaders, and building upon our analyses to enact emissions reductions in the Portland area.


We hope that you will consider investing in our plans for 2019 as we continue to design, create, and implement the transition to a zero-carbon economy.


With gratitude,



Melissa Powers

GEI Founder and Director

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