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LC Law Grads: 90% Find Employment or Pursue Graduate Degree

March 20, 2019

  • Lewis & Clark Law School Sunderland Plaza
    Joshua Jay Elliott

Lewis & Clark Law School presented its 2017-18 employment statistics showing 89.89% of 2018 graduates as currently employed, or with a near-term start date, or pursuing LLM degrees or further graduate education.

“We are so pleased to report these glowing employment numbers,” said Dean Jennifer Johnson. “Both faculty and staff, ably led by our Assistant Dean for Career Services, Devra Hermosilla, have been focused on assisting our students with their career paths, and these numbers show we are succeeding in doing just that.”

The ABA excludes graduates with deferred start dates from its employment reporting. Under ABA rules, Lewis & Clark reported total employment of 88.20%.  

U.S. News typically only reports on Bar-Required or JD Advantaged full time and long-term positions, and excludes other professional jobs such as engineering, as well as graduate education, and part time jobs. According to that U.S. News criteria, the 2018 statistic is 75.84%, still making Lewis & Clark one of the top law schools in the Pacific Northwest in terms of employment outcomes.

Details of 2018 Employment follow:

  • Judicial Clerkships – 14.61%
  • Bar-Required – 65.71%
  • JD Advantaged – 15.73%
  • Seeking Graduate Programs – 3.37%
  • Employed by the Law School – 1.12%
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