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Center for Animal Law Studies

CALS and Åbo Akademi University Partnering to Provide First-Ever Animal Law Training

April 02, 2019

Center for Animal Law Studies and Åbo Akademi University are working together to host a four-day intensive training conference that explores animal law in teaching, scholarship and advocacy. Geared toward academics in Nordic countries, this event will be a fully immersive and interactive experience where information can be shared in a collaborative academic environment.

The conference will be held from May 20-23, 2019, at Åbo Akademi University, School of Law in Turku, Finland. Animal law experts from around the EU and US will present on a variety of areas, with a specific focus on training law professors, scholars and academics interested in incorporating animal law into their work.

Conference modules will cover a broad array topics including:

  • The history of animal law in Europe and the United States
  • Defining “animal” and “animal law” and why these definitions are important for teaching
  • Teaching animal law within the context of other traditional law subjects, such as criminal law, environmental law, and constitutional law
  • Animal law principles and issues specific to Nordic countries
  • The intersection between Animal Law and the natural sciences
  • Examining the various pedagogical ways in which to teach Animal Law effectively

Space is limited for this conference, and participation does not require any previous knowledge or teaching experience in Animal Law.

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