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Criminal Procedure I 017BR

April 16, 2019


Class Title: Criminal Procedure I  017-BR
Instructor:  Yin
Test Date:   Scheduled Thursday April 25, 1:15pm, Room 2


Exam Type:    Secure

Secure: The exam-taker has no access to any computer files or to the internet.


Authorized Materials:

class notes (own and/or classmates’), class outline (own and/or classmates’), and the Allen Hoffman et al. casebook. No commercial outlines or materials.


May students use other electronic devices in addition to their laptop (Smart Phone or other devices with internet capabilities) during the exam?:



Special Exam Instructions:

Exam is 60 minutes for Part I (multiple choice), and 150 minutes for Part II (essay), which consists of 30 minutes of reading time and 120 minutes of answer writing time