July 12, 2019

Overseas Newsletter Preview: Issue No. 1

Our first newsletter will be launching on July 15th, 2019, and is available to all who sign up for our free mailing list. Check out the excerpt below from our first issue! 

Introducing: SE Asia Regional Area Study
Available Fall 2020

This program is run in coordination with the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI), a study abroad organization based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This program focuses on sustainable development, with a further focus on experiential education. Students will take four courses, which each consist of a four week block. During each block, students are in the classroom in Chiang Mai for one week, which is then followed by three weeks of experience-based learning, which takes place in homestays across Thailand.

This program offers a unique experiential learning opportunity for students interested in sustainable development, environment-society relationships, indigeneity and ethnic identity, rural livelihoods, migration and mobility, development practice, the impact of tourism in the Global South, contemporary political, social, and economic debates in Southeast Asia, and participatory/experiential approaches to learning.


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