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2019 Harpole Awards Honor Nancy Murray ’90 and Cole Killion ’20

April 03, 2019

The 21st annual Harpole Awards Presentation took place at Stoel Rives on April 3.

John C. Koch ’11 nominated Nancy Murray ’90 for the Harpole attorney award and was on hand to present the honor. “Nancy Murray displays an incredible ability to balance a healthy work and home life. She fights fiercely for her clients, and she does not let the possibility of a larger salary bait her into abandoning low-income clients or reducing her commitment to her family,” said Koch. 

Murray takes the advocacy of her clients to the furthest possible extent, reaching out to legislators if need be, Koch said. She recently testified before the Oregon Senate Revenue committee to preserve affordable housing. 

Reed West ’20 nominated classmate Cole Killion ’20 for the Harpole student award, which West also presented.  

“Whether it is training for his next jujitsu match, making his millionth revision on a class paper, or spending hours in the library in order to perfect his exam answers, Mr. Killion refuses to give anything less than his all,” West said.

“His knowledge of the honor code as well as his personal integrity combine to give me the impression that he is straightlaced, and his unwillingness to even attempt to bend the rules speaks to how genuine a person he is and will be, as a future attorney,” West said.

The unwavering commitment the recipients have to living principled and balanced lives makes the inspiring memory of Joyce Ann Harpole ’79 live on. 

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