October 08, 2019

Interview with New Administrative Assistant Ashley Hernandez

  • Ashley Hernandez

What drew you to the SBLC?

While looking at administrative assistant positions, the SBLC caught my attention. I particularly noticed great work that the SBLC does for the community, especially supporting immigrants and people with limited resources. As a student, I have learned about the social disparities in Portland and being able to support a team that works towards equity in the business field is a very fulfilling experience.


What kind of work will you be doing?

Here in the SBLC my work will be to support the staff by doing some of the administrative work. This includes scheduling, contacting clients and data entry. I will also be welcoming people to the clinic and helping them through the day-of experience. My focus in the clinic will be towards the new Rural Program and supporting Native American communities.


What are your future goals?

As mentioned before I am currently a college student, so one of my goals at the moment is to finish my bachelor’s degree this next spring. My degree will help me have a better understanding and gain knowledge to help in the clinic. The Rural Program is very new so my goal is to get the administrative paperwork and logistics set for the future of the program.