December 16, 2019

Showing Up for Victims of Domestic Violence

In Florida, a domestic violence victim had a protective order against her abuser.  The abuser violated the order and the state filed criminal charges against him.  The victim attended the trial with her attorney -  a new victims’ rights attorney.  After the closing arguments, the victim decided she couldn’t remain in the courtroom with the offender any longer.  She had a victim impact statement prepared and she asked her attorney to read it for her if the defendant was convicted.  This attorney was there for her in the courtroom and gave her an option she would not have had otherwise - to have her voice heard without suffering emotionally by having to remain in the presence of her offender.  

While the defendant was ultimately found not guilty, this is just one way that NCVLI  supports attorneys as they show up for victims and make a difference in their experience navigating the criminal justice system.  Learn more about how you can show up for justice and support victims with NCVLI here.