December 20, 2019

NCVLI Takes Part in the 2019 NAAG Capital Forum

The 2019 NAAG Capital Forum was held in Washington DC December 9-11.  This annual event brings together state and territory attorneys general to meet with federal officials, discuss important policy issues, and learn about the latest state and federal legal developments. 

As part of this event NCVLI’s Executive Director participated on a panel titled “Criminal Justice Reform: A Conversation About Ethics, Policies, Victims, and Data”.  The recording may be viewed here.  Also on the panel were Idaho Attorney General Wadsen, Rhode Island Attorney General Neronha and Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics Jeff Anderson.   

The panel looked at the complicated area and emerging area of law known as criminal justice reform, digging in on topics of prosecutorial discretion and victims’ rights.  The conversation was a robust start to a critical conversation about the future of criminal justice.  NCVLI’s invitation to the conversation demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that victims’ rights and victim voices were not subsumed by any other actor in the system.