February 18, 2020

Illinois RISE Clinic

Illinois RISE Clinic

Since 2006, the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) has existed to end sexual exploitation in this community, and since 2009, CAASE has done its work by providing free and comprehensive legal services for survivors of sexual violation—including by representing those victimized within the context of the criminal justice system. The other pillars of CAASE’s work—Policy, Prevention, and Community Engagement—have a decade’s history working to improve policy, practice, and culture (both at the state and local level) so that various systems, including specifically the criminal justice system, improve the ways they understand, engage with, and respond to victims of rape and prostitution. Under the RISE Project CAASE provides legal representation to victims of sexual violence in Cook County while simultaneously enhancing critical community organizing to improve the public and criminal justice/legal landscape in Chicago for survivors of sexual violation as well as select participation in appellate practice for significant cases arising throughout Illinois.


Jurisdiction serving (geographic and courts):

Geographic: Cook County, Chicago, IL Courts: This project anticipates work done in Illinois state courts.

Victim population serving:

Victims of sexual assault and sex trafficking with select participation in appellate practice for significant cases arising throughout Illinois..

Project Partners:

No formal project partners.


Intake Information:

Intake Gateway(s) & Process(es)

for a Victim:

Victims seeking an intake must call CAASE intake voicemail, 773-244-2230 x 204 and leave a message. CAASE Senior Paralegal and Paralegal will then followup with the victim to schedule an intake phone call within 2 business days.