February 25, 2020

Blackout Girl Event Brings Meaningful Conversation and Community-Building in Portland

NCVLI hosted a one-night screening of an excerpt from Blackout Girl: the Film —an upcoming documentary which is being produced and directed by Jennifer Storm — on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon.  This is the first time that the excerpt was shown in a theatre!   Almost 100 people were in attendance. 

Jennifer Storm, the Victim Advocate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a member of NCVLI’s Board of Directors, explained the reason for her project: “I wrote my story mainly because no one else had told my story before.”

The evening was dedicated to exploring crime victim recovery and resilience,  honoring the relationship between trauma and addiction and recognizing the role victims’ rights can play. The audience viewed an excerpt of the film and participated in a Q&A with Jennifer Storm facilitated by Meg Garvin, NCVLI’s Executive Director.  Jennifer also signed copies of her book, Blackout Girl, which were available at the event. 

Jennifer Storm signs copies of her book for attendees Jennifer Storm signs copies of her book for attendees

After the event, Jennifer went on social media to talk about the evening: “My soul is so filled by all the people who came out, spoke up, and made space for all of our pain and healing.”  Meg added, “We are always working to hold space in our community for victim voices to be… front and center in the conversation around justice, healing and trauma. This event helped us listen to victims so we can learn how to be part of the solution.” 

Jennifer donated her time, travel and her books so that all proceeds from the evening benefit efforts to protect crime victims’ rights through NCVLI. 

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