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Small Business Legal Clinic

Do You Need Help Registering Your LLC??

April 30, 2020

  • Client at event

Interested in registering your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Join us for our SBLC Law Day Clinic for LLC Formation. The Small Business Legal Clinic with volunteer attorneys from the MBA YLS will be assisting you through the process of registering your LLC. We are still finalizing the details for how these meetings will be held, but at this time it looks like we will be doing them remotely via Zoom video conferencing.

In this event we will be helping with:

  • Single-member registration
  • Multi-member registration (all members need to be in the meeting)
  • EIN registration
  • Drafting an operating agreement
  • General entity questions

To apply, fill out the Law Day Clinic Application.

Sessions will be 55 minutes long, plus follow up. Applicants must be 80% or below the Median Family HUD Income Guidelines to qualify. Cost is sliding scale from $25-$75 for the event.