April 20, 2020

Messages of Resilience

In these challenging times, Lewis & Clark’s Bates Center for Entrepreneurship & Leadership believes that a growth mindset and resilience are more important than ever. When we look back on what makes us stronger, more motivated and focused on our true goals, often it is a loss, a left turn, or a random event.

Entrepreneurship is problem-solving, especially in the face of these setbacks and surprises. Leadership is execution, stepping forward and over any barriers. We are hoping you will help our students (especially the seniors who will miss out on in-person graduation and are entering an altered economy) recognize that this pandemic may change their path, but that is OK. Specifically, we are asking you to offer words of advice, support, and encouragement to Lewis & Clark students.

It is so important for our students to know the Pioneer Community stands behind them. Let’s show them the value of liberal arts, the empathy of our community, and the power of our global network.

“Educating people doesn’t just mean sharing knowledge. It means combining the knowledge we share with a sense of purpose and value so the knowledge can be used to improve our world rather than destroy it. That doesn’t stop because of a coronavirus. It can’t stop. We can’t let it.” Aaron Dinin, PHd in English, entrepreneurship professor at Duke.

Please fill out this Google form to offer students your encouragement, advice and congratulations.

In addition, there is the option to include a story of resilience - for example, a challenge you faced when you graduated and how you overcame or used it on your path to success. We will compile your responses on our site (we make attribution optional in the form) and share them with our students, and of course we will forward you the link to this collection.

Please complete by Thursday, April 30 (what would have been the last day of classes here). Thank you!