October 27, 2020

NCVLI Announced as Semi-Finalist for Mary Byron Project’s 20th Anniversary Celebrating Solutions “Award for Excellence”

We are pleased to announce NCVLI has been chosen as a semi-finalist by the Mary Byron Project for its 20th Anniversary Celebrating Solutions “Award for Excellence”. NCVLI is one of the few chosen from among the 67 programs nationally who had previously received the Mary Byron Project’s Celebrating Solutions Award. In 2013 NCVLI received the Mary Byron Project’s Celebrating Solutions Award, which honors innovative programs that demonstrate promise in ending the generational cycle of intimate partner violence (IPV). The Award recognized NCVLI’s innovative Responding to Violence Against Women Project – a Project with the goal of ensuring that service providers responding to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and similar crimes have the knowledge and skills necessary to protect a victim’s rights, particularly in the criminal case against an offender.

What has changed since 2013?

NCVLI has since woven protection of the rights of victims of IPV into its mission holistically. This means sharing best practices for fighting systemic exclusion and the silencing and erasing of all survivors, while ensuring select NCVLI staff remain focused on the issues of intimate terrorism and all forms of gender-based violence. An example of this work is NCVLI’s effort with the International Association of Chiefs of Police for the past three years to combat gender bias in policing. This partnership works to ensure that from first contact with law enforcement, survivors are informed of and afforded their rights.

As an organization, NCVLI has

  • trained almost 18,000 people, over 90% of whom report the training enhanced their knowledge;
  • responded to more than 650 requests for technical assistance with over 98% of recipients reporting the assistance was helpful;
  • increased the number of sample pleadings available on www.NAVRA.org for use by pro and low bono attorneys serving survivors by more than 133%; and
  • filed 50 amicus curiae briefs.

This year, NCVLI is leading the way in challenging COVID-motivated policies that overlook the safety and rights of victims of abuse. NCVLI is collaborating with organizations nationally to seek solutions to enable victims to participate in the justice system safely and effectively during the pandemic.

The “Award for Excellence” will be bestowed upon the program that has best continued its legacy of innovation and inspiration in ending intimate partner violence, and will come with a $20,000 prize, in honor of the Mary Byron Project’s 20th Anniversary. Download the press release here.