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Small Business Legal Clinic

SBLC Receives Funding For COVID Relief

November 05, 2020

  • Business Recovery Center Staff

The pandemic and its terrible impact on small businesses skyrocketed requests to the SBLC. In the spring, the SBLC was able to marshal existing resources, including the Ford Family Foundation and Prosper Portland, to support a unique track that served 25 COVID-19 affected businesses. We also presented numerous times on COVID-related legal issues. Once those funds were used, Washington County Business Recovery Center and Centro de Prosperidad, through a grant by Business Oregon, stepped up and provided additional support. This CARES Act funding will continue until the end of this year.

Small businesses across Oregon have struggled to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic. Business owners are looking for advice navigating new rules and regulations, along with a host of other legal questions arising out of now-unpayable leases, undeliverable contracts, and in some instances, business closures.

The demand for these services pre-existed funding, and the SBLC is thankful to be in a better position to help clients in Washington County and throughout Oregon. When the this COVID-specific funding runs out at the end of 2020, the SBLC will continue to look for new and creative ways to serve businesses suffering from COVID-related issues across Oregon.