June 30, 2010

FoxKiser Annual Writing Competition

Deadline: June 30

Deadline: June 30

URL: http://competition.foxkiser.com/

FoxKiser, a firm offering strategic collaboration and counseling to clients operating at the intersection of law, science and medicine, is pleased to announce an Annual Writing Competition. This competition is designed to encourage multi-disciplinary scholarly writing on topics related to law, science, medicine, policy, technology, business, government and innovation—particularly in relation to the pharmaceutical, medical device and biologics industries.

FoxKiser will award $5,000 for the best paper, and $1,500 for a runner-up. Further, FoxKiser will seek publication of the winning entries in an appropriate journal related to the selected topic. The competition is open to all currently-enrolled post-graduate or professional degree students, including students graduating in 2010.

All submissions are due by June 30, 2010. Please go to http://competition.foxkiser.com for more information.