Coronavirus Information and Update: Spring 2021 Plans

November 12, 2020

Employee Benefits Law 376-A


Class Title: Employee Benefits Law 376-A
Instructor:  Kramer
Test Date:   Unscheduled, exam will be emailed to the class by the professor on Monday December 7th. Completed exam will be due on December 18 by 12:00pm/noon (PST).

Exam Type:  Students will not be using Examplify for this exam


Authorized Materials:

Any (no restrictions beyond Honor Code)


May student copy and paste material into the exam?



May students use other electronic devices in addition to their laptop (Smart Phone or other devices with internet capabilities) during the exam?:

Any (no restrictions beyond Honor Code)


Special Exam Instructions:

Students will use a word document for this exam. When finished or your exam time has lapsed, email your exam to as a pdf or word document. In the subject line of the email, include your exam number and the name of the course. Do not put your name on your completed exam. Exam is due on December 18.