November 21, 2020

6 Reasons to Support Victims for 2021

The end of 2020 is just around the corner; your support of victims determines how we will Write the Next Chapter of Victims’ Rights together now.

1. Each victim’s voice matters.

Throughout 2020, NCVLI has fought for victims who have been denied their rights because of the pandemic, because they are part of historically marginalized communities systematically denied victim status, and because they are seen as evidence rather than human. 

2. Waiting to act is not an option.

During COVID-19, we are leading the effort to ensure victims’ rights are protected across the country, fighting alongside allies across the country, disseminating sample arguments, and hosting the only virtual, national conversation on rights enforcement.  Learn more about NCVLI’s response to COVID-19 and find a list of national legal resources here.

3. Access to justice requires access to a qualified lawyer.

We launched the first national, online pro bono portal to connect victims with pro bono attorneys willing to fight for their rights in criminal courts.  Are you an attorney or an advocate interested in joining the National Association of Victims’ Rights Attorneys and Advocates (NAVRA)?  Learn more about how this network can enhance your victims’ rights litigation:

4. Innovative technological solutions are not new to us.

Even before COVID-19, NCVLI regularly leveraged video conferencing, learning management systems, and other technologies to train, connect, and provide cutting edge resources nationally.  Learn more about our upcoming events and trainings here.

5. The future is not determined.

NCVLI has spent 2020 listening to you and envisioning a better future, and with you we are Writing the Next Chapter of Victims’ Rights in our courts, classrooms, and legislatures. 

6. Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

Still not convinced?  As the year closes and you consider upcoming tax filings, know that your gift to NCVLI is fully tax deductible.

Donate now to Write the Next Chapter of Victims’ Rights and change lives today.