November 18, 2020

Celebrating the 2020 Crime Victim Law Conference

On November 14-15, 2020, NCVLI hosted the 2020 Crime Victim Law Conference virtually.  Victim attorneys, advocates, survivors, law enforcement and other allied professionals—both civilian and military—came together online. “The mix of professionals who attend make the NCVLI Conference unique,” according to one attorney-attendee this year. This amazing group came together to Write the Next Chapter of Rights through learning, networking and sharing their knowledge. As the Conference finishes its 19th year, it remains the only national conference focused on rights enforcement in criminal cases.

The Conference faculty consisted of 39 presenters sharing knowledge over 21 sessions, including multiple facilitated conversations on both days. When so many victim service professionals come together to tackle challenging issues, we move a little closer to a world in which every victim has access to the tools and resources to meaningfully assert and seek enforcement of their rights.

From foundational victims’ rights sessions for new practitioners to advanced legal sessions for seasoned professionals, the Conference had something for everyone to learn. Some of the topics covered during the Conference included:

  • Understanding and litigating hate and bias crimes;
  • Privacy rights and technology in the courtroom in the age of COVID-19;
  • Language access and justice in legal services;
  • Conflicts of interest in the representation of multiple child sex abuse victims;
  • Survey of the right to restitution in the military justice process;
  • Intersection of victims’ rights and disability law for legal professionals;
  • Integrating science with strategy to increase effectiveness in court;
  • A survey of restitution in the military justice process;
  • Legal challenges and trauma for immigrant survivors of domestic violence; and
  • Understanding.the unique issues of working with sexually victimized men.

The Crime Victim Law Conference was a welcome chance this year to come together virtually with peers from across the nation and the globe.  Even though we were not able to meet in person, the chance to share ideas and be reminded that none of us is in this work alone was inspiring and refreshing to us all. 

Our 2021 Conference is anticipated for November 11-13, 2021 in Portland, Oregon (pending COVID restrictions). Registration will open this winter, so check often for updates, including RFP applications! Details on the 2021 Conference will be announced in our monthly Enewsletter. If you aren’t subscribed, sign up now.

Thank you to everyone who attended this year and worked to make it a memorable event, and a special thank you to our Sponsors who generously supported this event and played a critical role in expanding the victims’ rights community.