February 17, 2021

NCVLI 2020 Annual Report

  • NCVLI 2020 Annual Report - Writing the Next Chapter

2020 marked NCVLI’s 20th year fighting for victims’ rights. Over the decades we worked to draft new rights legislation, created partnerships with attorneys and advocates nationwide to fight for those rights, and educated anyone and everyone about the rights. We started 2020 planning for in-person celebrations with our partners and supporters. We also planned to bring these same people together to listen in order to begin to Write the Next Chapter of Victims’ Rights. But the year had other plans. The excruciating truth of the deeply rooted racial bias and inequity surfaced, demanding resolute commitment to systemic, institutional and individual change and recognition of historically erased victims. COVID-19 struck, closing courts, moving hearings online with new risks to rights, and delaying justice; all of which required innovative advocacy for victims’ rights. While the year did not unfold as planned, we used the year to grow our partnerships across the country and to think deeply about the next chapter. And through it all we continued to serve. We increased access to online rights resources and trainings; we trained and supported a robust cohort of advocates and attorneys to ensure they would be ready to serve in the future; and we brought our legal expertise to bear in 46 jurisdictions. You can read more about our year of work my clicking on the four images below. As we turn the page to 2021 and our 21st year, rest assured the next chapter will bring stronger rights for more victims as we continue to grow with the community.

NCVLI 2020 Annual Report - Opening Letter Signatures

NCVLI 2020 Annual Report NCVLI 2020 Annual Report NCVLI 2020 Annual Report - Training & Support NCVLI 2020 Annual Report - Activated Community