June 22, 2021

South Carolina RISE Clinic

South Carolina RISE Clinic

South Carolina Victim Assistance Network was created in response to a mandate in the S.C. Crime Victims Bill of Right for a network of service providers to be formed to better protect and serve victims of crime. Under the RISE Project will establish an Appellate Law Clinic to handle appeals of cases affecting victim rights and including collaboration with and training of pro bono and low bono attorney partners.

Jurisdiction serving (geographic and courts):

All 46 counties within South Carolina at federal, state, and local levels.

Victim population serving:

South Carolina victims of violent crimes.

Project Partners:

SCVAN actively collaborates with federal, state and local agencies to advance victim rights. While there are no official project partners for this grant, these partnerships will continue in order to further and expand our mission.


Intake Information:

Intake Gateway(s) & Process(es)

for a Victim:

Services can be applied for by a telephone intake at (803) 509-6552 or by submitting a preliminary intake form at www.scvanlegal.org/lsp-intake-form and having a follow-up call with intake staff.