October 30, 2023

Inside-Out Instructor Training: Faculty Grant

We are now taking Inside-Out Instructor Training Faculty Grant Applications for Summer 2024! 

With support from the Mellon Foundation’s “Healing Social Suffering Through Narrative” grant, we are expanding the Inside-Out courses offered by Lewis & Clark.

Awarded faculty will become an integral part of a growing, collaborative community of Inside-Out instructors at Lewis & Clark.

We are inviting applications now for Inside-Out Training to be completed over Summer 2024. 

The Inside-Out Instructor Training Grant will be awarded to one or two faculty. This is the final year of the Inside-Out Instructor Training Grant award and training will be held virtually on Zoom. 

The grant award includes:

Financial resources The award will pay the cost of Inside-Out Instructor Training, compensate the faculty member $3000 for the time spent developing the course, and include $1000 for course expenses.

Mentorship and experiential support This award includes ongoing mentorship from LC’s experienced Inside-Out instructor Reiko Hillyer and an introduction into a worldwide network of Inside-Out instructors and resources. Awarded faculty will visit an Inside-Out class at the Columbia River Correctional Institution, meet with ODOC staff, and receive guidance and support to navigate the logistics of prison itself.


This grant application is open to CAS faculty with a passion for civic engagement, experiential learning, social justice, and/or issues surrounding incarceration. Because of the time commitment required and our hope that these courses will become part of our regular offerings, applications are limited to tenure-track, tenured, and faculty-with-term of at least three years.


We are inviting applications for the Summer 2023 Inside-Out training for which one faculty member will receive the Inside-Out Instructor Training Grant.

Expression of Interest due November 31, 2023.

The final grant application deadline is January 31, 2024.

We anticipate that a new course developed through this training would be taught in Fall 2025 or Spring 2026.

This is the final year of the Inside-Out Instructor Training Faculty Grant.

What kinds of new courses are we looking for?

Students incarcerated at the Columbia River Correctional Institution are interested in college- level studies in subjects which include:

To uphold the purpose of our larger Mellon grant, proposed course should include:


Interested? Here’s How to Apply

We would love to hear from you. Whether you have a specific proposal, or a still-forming idea, now is a great time to talk. Please complete the brief expression of interest form by November 31, 2023. We’ll set up time to meet and help you develop your grant application.

Final application is due January 31, 2024.

Expression of Interest Application Process and Evaluation