November 09, 2021

ONCE UPON A WEEKEND - Spring 2022 - “See you in Hell”

Once Upon A Weekend is back!

If you are interested in participating please read the info below. If you just want to show up and watch, that’s awesome too! The performance of OUAW will be on Saturday, February 26 at 7pm in the Blackbox.

The theme for the Spring 22’ Once Upon a Weekend is….”See You in Hell”!

Scripts are due Monday, February 21st at midnight. All people who want to write a short play (these are usually between 5-15 pages) and center around this theme. Please submit your plays by emailing them to either or to

The PAUSE Board will read all the submissions and make selections by Thursday, February 24th.

The deadline to sign up to be a director is Thursday, February 24th at 10pm. If there are more directors signed up than plays, we will choose directors to direct some of the plays that will be performed. The directors will be given a play and they will be asked to come to the auditions the next day.

Friday, February 25, there will be auditions for actors in the Blackbox from 7:30-9:30pm for the directors to see the actors. There will be a sign up sheet for auditions in the Fir Acres lobby. The directors will then quickly cast you and you will be in the show the next day. We will cast everyone who shows up and auditions.

On Saturday, February 26, we will rehearse during the day and perform at 7pm! The performance will be in the Blackbox.

Thank you so much for any and all participation. We look forward to seeing you next weekend! Please email or if you have any questions.