December 06, 2021

Library Research Award

Are you writing a research paper this term? If so, you may be eligible to apply for the James J. Kopp Library Research Award! Students doing research in classes with a Bibliographic Research in Writing (BRW) designation are invited to apply for the award between December 8 and December 19.

Students working on research projects for Bibliographic Research in Writing classes are invited to apply for the James J. Kopp Library Research Award. See below for a complete list of eligible courses. Two winners will receive $200 each. Fall applications will be accepted between December 8 and December 19. Winners will be selected in the summer from all applications submitted during the year.


More information can be found at Beginning on December 8, the application form may also be accessed from that page. See complete guidelines here ( Please send any questions about the award to


Students in the following BRW-designated courses are eligible to apply.


ART 452, Memory as Representation

CLAS 266, Health and Healing in the Ancient World

ENG 276, Animals & Animal Rights in Literature

ENG 316, Modern British and Irish Literature

ENVS 350, Environmental Theory

HIST 230, Eastern Europe: Borderlands

MUS 142, Music and Social Justice

MUS 162, History of Western Music I

PHIL 102, Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 103, Ethics

PHIL 207, Indian Philosophy

PHIL-250, Philosophical Methods

POLS 201, Research Methods in Political Science

POLS 255, Law, Lawyers, and Society

RELS 358/458, Mysticism

RHMS 301, Rhetorical Criticism

SOAN 200, Ethnographic Research Methods

SOAN 205, Research Theory and Design

TH 280, Theatre and Society

WLL 198, Fairy Tales Across Cultures