April 12, 2022

Law and Religion 482-A


Class Title: Law & Religion 482-A
Instructor:  Oleske
Test Date:   Unscheduled, Available Friday April 29th ONLY


Exam Type: Non-Secure

Non-Secure: The exam-taker has access to all computer files and to the internet.


Authorized Materials:

Casebook, any handouts the professor has distributed during the semester, and any of the student’s own notes, including the student’s own outline. Students cannot consult any other materials.


May Students copy and paste material into the exam?



May students use other electronic devices in addition to their laptop (Smart Phone or other devices with internet capabilities) during the exam?:

No, except to access an electronic copy of the casebook.


Special Exam Instructions:

You may not speak with anyone about the exam while taking it; you may not speak about the exam with anyone who has taken it before you take it; and you may not speak about the exam with any other students after you have taken it and before the end of the exam period.