April 15, 2022

Resource Lab Open for Projects

Its door may be closed, but the Resource Lab is open for projects!

This semester, the Resource Lab, our video editing and printing lab in Watzek, is reorienting towards being an open, accessible lab whenever the library is open. This means there won’t necessarily be a staff assistant to help out when you use the lab. The idea is to enable students and faculty to work on projects whenever it suits them, without relying on official open hours.

The Resource Lab is available to anyone at LC during Watzek’s open hours. If you’d like to access the Resource Lab to work on a project, touch your ID card to the gray reader by the door to let yourself in.

If you’d like to print a poster, photo, or 3D print, email the file and dimensions to rlab@lclark.edu.  The print will be charged to your print balance.  Use a budget code if you’re a department or student group.

Learn more about the computers and software available, as well as printing opportunities at the Resource Lab.