April 22, 2022

The SBLC Welcomes Nancy Garcia

It is the SBLC’s pleasure to welcome Nancy Garcia, our new Administrative Assistant, to the team. This summer, she will confer her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology, with minors in Communication and Sociology from Warner Pacific University. As the eldest daughter in a family of five, Nancy is the first to attend college and the first to pursue a career in law.

Growing up, Nancy was the first responder to her family’s anything and everything. Whether it was handling English documents or health emergencies, Nancy would and continues to be present for her family. She expressed that the unconditional love and support she receives from them and her communities is invaluable. It is what empowers her to not only make difficult decisions but to pursue her passions in advocacy and service as well.


Nancy is an advocate for those navigating foreign systems without a blueprint. Many families like hers must figure out how to achieve the life they want “with grace and humility.” And together, they can learn and solve anything. These are some of the key values her family and communities imparted to her, forming the foundation that continues to motivate Nancy to pursue a legal career in the service of others.


In her time at the SBLC so far, Nancy shared that she gained “access [to] a new way of thinking, where the same spirit of serving people resembles her family.” Many low-income business owners who come to the SBLC are from the Latinx and Hispanic communities. She is proud to serve every business at the SBLC because their presence is a testament to all their hard work in building and growing their livelihood. It is a joy for Nancy and everyone at the SBLC to be a part of their journey. And it is a joy to have Nancy in our SBLC community!