May 01, 2022

Lewis & Clark Law Reviews Publish Spring 2022 Volumes

Lewis & Clark’s Animal Law Review, Environmental Law Review, and Lewis & Clark Law Review publish new editions this Spring.

With new leadership each year, all three of Lewis & Clark’s law reviews have produced their latest publications. Both the Animal Law Review and the Environmental Law Review were the first law reviews in the nation to be dedicated to issues about the environment and animal laws.

Lewis & Clark Law Review is among the top 50 law reviews in the nation.

Victoria Muirhead ’22 served as editor in chief for the Lewis & Clark Law Review (LCLR) which released its Spring edition April 15, 2022. Articles focus on a variety of issues, which include the impact of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the art world,patient-backed finances, and LGBTQ+ protections. Professor Jessica K. Heldman, of the University of San Diego wrote the lead article, which addresses youth justice following youth prison closures.

The Animal Law Review (ALR), led by Cindy Lundt ’22 & Rohan Hiatt ’22, Editors in Chief, released their Spring edition Mar 11, 2022. ALR is the oldest law journal in the nation devoted entirely to the discussion of legal issues relating to animals. Articles cover a variety of topics, including alleviating cruelty plaguing the pet food industry, the future of pet custody, and prison abolition and what it means for the animal movement, just to name a few.

Lewis & Clark’s Environmental Law Review (ELR) is led by Jordan Lee 22, Editor in Chief. ELR published their newest edition April 18, 2022. This is the 1st issue of ELR’s 52nd volume. Articles range from the implications of a doctrinal shift within environmental law to opportunities for artificial intelligence in environmental compliance.