May 23, 2022

2022 Rogers Science Research Tuesday Talks

Student-faculty collaborative research

Students discuss their research projects during a series of talks on Tuesdays in June and July. Each presentation is 15 minutes, plus time for questions. There are generally 3 talks per session.

Tuesdays 1:00 - 2:15 pm
Olin 301

May 31

Responsible Conduct of Research
Discussion and previously recorded presentation by Sarah Shaack, Reed College

Please note that this face-to-face training is a required component of the College’s RCR policy and attendance will be taken.

June 7

Rogers Keynote
The Science is on the Sidewalk: Gentrification, Equity, and Health in the SHARP Study

Dr. Raina Croff, Oregon Health & Science University

On Tuesday June 7 we are pleased to introduce our first Rogers Keynote presentation on Diversity and Equity in the Sciences. Dr. Raina Croff, PhD is Assistant Professor of Neurology at the NIA Layton Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). This event is a required component of the Rogers Program. Contact Amy Timmins with questions.

June 14

Rehearsing disaster: Understanding earthquake preparedness behavior in an interactive environment
Student presenters: Evan Eldridge, Ahmed Abdalla Ahmed Esmail, Sylvia Kunz, Miri Rinehart, Skye Russ, Sarah Wood
Faculty collaborators: Elizabeth Safran, Peter Drake, Erik Nilsen, Bryan Sebok

Transcriptional regulation of pluripotency in embryonic stem cells
Student presenters: Savannah Myers, Jack Waite
Faculty collaborator: Sharon Torigoe

Diversity and function of phospholipase D venom toxins in spiders
Student presenters: Jemma Montgomery, Sofia Reeves
Faculty collaborator: Greta Binford

June 21

Exploring Dual Mechanisms of Cognitive Control, Resilience, and Empathy in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Student presenters: Jonah Borgenicht, Hanna Wright
Faculty collaborator: Todd Watson

Fundamental studies on organosulfur oxidation for environmental remediation by molybdenum catalysts and tungsten catalysts
Student presenters: Owen Beale, Mia Bell
Faculty collaborator: Louis Kuo

Glyphosate toxin degradation by molybdenum Complexes
Student presenters: Morgan Bashore, Liz LeJeune
Faculty collaborator: Louis Kuo

June 28

Regeneration and diversity in an old growth Pacific Northwest forest
Student presenters: Helen Andino, Isaac Ison, Gabriela Kuglen-Alvarez
Faculty collaborator: Margaret Metz

Dependable Computing
Student presenters: Christian Ermann, Michael Harper
Faculty collaborator: Alain Kägi

Using Reinforcement Learning to Give Rapid Feedback during Hands-on Cybersecurity Exercises
Student presenters: Wyeth Greenlaw Rollins, Nic Richardson
Faculty collaborator: Jens Mache

July 5

Investigating how cells construct their organelles
Student presenters: Frances Courtemanche, Madeline Daniel, David Nhek, Yoona Shim, Rose Thompson
Faculty collaborator: Greg Hermann

Racial Passing as a Worldview Threat: How Racial Ideologies and Economic Scarcity Influence Perceptions of Racial Passers
Student presenter: Sonja Hanson
Faculty collaborator: Diana Leonard

Using Living Collections to Understand Trait Variation and Plasticity
Student presenters: Elizabeth Cook, Christopher Olson
Faculty collaborator: Randall Long

July 12

Rogers social event!
Details TBA

July 19

Exploring the Structural Basis of Dynein Regulation
Student presenters: Alyssa Abe, AJ Di Nicola, Logan Hausler
Faculty collaborator: Nikolaus Loening

Neural development and disease in zebrafish
Student presenters: Celeste Jongeneelen, Gila Winefeld
Faculty collaborator: Tamily Weissman-Unni