August 04, 2022

Fall 2022 COVID Information

Dear Lewis & Clark Community,

Summer has flown by and fall semester is almost here. We are eager to welcome new students to our community and for returning students to get back to Palatine Hill. Our president, Dr. Robin Holmes-Sullivan, has been on the job since July 1 and is eager for everyone to arrive and for the semester to get underway.

As much as we wish COVID were no longer a part of our lives, we do need to consider how the pandemic continues to impact us personally and as a community. We have been closely monitoring risk levels in Multnomah County, which remain high. Our plans this summer have thus focused on how we can all take responsibility for protecting ourselves and our most vulnerable, high-risk community members from COVID and at the same time make good on our commitment to the full experience of in-person learning.

We have consolidated all of our COVID information onto the COVID-19 Ongoing Response page of our website. There, you will be able to find the following:

  • General information about campus policies, including vaccine requirements and face coverings;
  • Detailed guidance on what to do if you are a student or employee who has COVID-like symptoms, has tested positive, or has had a close contact (What Do I Do Now?);
  • New reporting forms (students, employees) should you need to inform the institution of a positive test result (Note to students: no more SCARF!)
  • Guidance for isolation (students, employees); and more.

The COVID-19 Ongoing Response pages will be our main resource for COVID information throughout the year. We will update it as needed and encourage you to check there first whenever you have questions about anything COVID-related.

Students, you should also take note of the Preparing for the Fall 2022 Semester page. There, you will find important information on vaccine compliance, entry testing requirements for undergraduate students, and some packing tips. In addition, you are encouraged to carefully read the new Guidance for Isolation, especially if you live on campus. This year, in an effort to make sure that our high-risk community members are as safe as possible, it is those students who will have priority for moving into an isolation room should their roommate test positive while the ill roommate remains in place. This is a change from last year, but we think this strategy offers the best protection to those who need it most. Please read the policy, and if you have any questions, send them to

Having lived with COVID for so long means that our community is better prepared and equipped to stay healthy. Let’s continue to work together to be vigilant and enjoy a productive and eventful Fall 2022.


Executive Council