October 03, 2022

Harnessing the Power of Language

Our students go on to do great things with their degrees. We recently caught up with alumna Jessye Lavine and asked her a few questions about her job at Textio, an augmented writing platform that helps interrupt bias and understand the impact of words; why diversity, equity, and inclusion in language is so important in the workplace; and what features of this platform are most beneficial for L&C.
  •    Headshot of Jessye Lavine BA '16. She is a light skinned female with long straight blonde hair, standing in front of a gray wall, wear...

    Since graduating, I’ve had three very different jobs. While I can’t say with certainty where I might go next, I know that I want to continue to be in a position of helping and empowering other individuals to do good things for the world.

    Jessye Lavine BA ’16
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