November 21, 2022

International Trade Law & the Environment 531-A


Class Title: International Trade Law & the Environment
Instructor:  Wold
Test Date:   Unscheduled


Exam Security Access:  Non-Secure Blocking Internet

Non-Secure blocking Internet, The exam-taker has access to all computer files but not to the internet. Students will not be able to access E-Textbooks.


Availability of Exam Questions:  

A paper copy of exam questions to be provided to students. Exam to be taken on campus ONLY.


Authorized Materials:

You may use electronic or paper copies of your textbook, handouts, notes, and outline. You may not use any other information or materials of any kind or access a networked drive or the internet by any device.


May students copy & paste material into the exam?:



May students use other electronic devices in addition to their laptop (Smart Phone or other devices with internet capabilities) during the exam?:



Special Exam Instructions:

You may not discuss the exam with any student until the end of the exam period.