February 02, 2023

Campus COVID-19 Update

Dear Parents,

The following message was shared with students and we would like to share it with you as well.

Over the past two weeks we have seen an uptick in COVID case counts, particularly among residential CAS students. This increase in cases comes at a time when news stories and day-to-day interactions have a sense of pre-COVID normal, and demonstrate that no matter what public perception may be, we still need to be mindful to take care of our own health and the health of our community.

Here are our three top tips for protecting yourself and others from getting sick or taking care of yourself if you do become ill:

  1. Mask up! Masking remains one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent infection. KN-95 masks are available at no cost at the following locations:
    1. Campus Safety (Gate 3 entrance)
    2. Health Promotion and Wellness Office (first floor of Student Center)
    3. Fields Dining Hall (entrance)
  2. The COVID Ongoing Response website is the best place to find information about all things COVID and L&C. The website is the most current, comprehensive source of COVID information from detailed isolation guidance to step-by-step instructions on what to do if you feel ill or have been exposed to the virus.
  3. You have a lot of resources and support available to you within the L&C community. Need to report because you tested positive for COVID? Not sure if you need to isolate? Don’t know where to pick up an antigen test? Whatever your COVID question, help is just a phone call or email away:
      1. Health Promotion and Wellness: (503) 768-8225, covid19info@lclark.edu
      2. Health Service: (503) 768-7165, health@lclark.edu
      3. Campus Living: (503) 768-7123, living@lclark.edu
      4. Campus Safety: (503) 768-7855, safety@lclark.edu
      5. Student Rights and Responsibilities: (503) 768-8181, srr@lclark.edu
      6. Vice President of Student Life (VPSL) office: (503) 768-7110, vpsl@lclark.edu

Bonus tip: Stay up-to-date on your vaccine and get the bivalent booster! Health Service is partnering with getaflushot.com to offer an on-campus vaccine clinic on Tuesday, February 7. The newest bivalent COVID booster (Pfizer) will be available at the clinic:

COVID Bivalent Booster Clinic
Tuesday, February 7
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Agnes Flanagan Chapel

We recently expanded the number of available time slots. Advance sign-ups are required. Schedule your appointment.

We are here for you. Take care of yourself and reach out for support when you need it or if you need to talk with someone about what to do. There is so much to look forward to this semester—let’s make the most of it.

Thank you,
The COVID-19 Operations Team