September 25, 2023

Citizens’ Utility Board Conference: Building(s) for an Equitable Energy Future

Join GEI and leaders from across the energy industry at Oregon CUB’s Energy Policy Conference on Friday, October 6. Register today!

Students may volunteer to attend for free. To volunteer, email

CUB Energy Policy Conference: Building(s) for an Equitable Energy Future

When: 9:00am – 5:00pm, October 6, 2023

Where: Left Bank Annex (101 N Weidler St, Portland, OR 97227)


Building(s) for an Equitable Energy Future will explore how construction, energy systems, and local climate policies overlap. We will be diving into who is  informing clean energy policies and the community impacts of these decisions. We will make connections between community advocates, the energy industry, the buildings industry, and policymakers. And we will bring in vital perspectives from communities on the front lines of climate change in the Pacific Northwest.  Together, we can build an energy transition that works for all of us.

The CUB Policy Conference is designed as a day of discussion, networking, and sharing diverse perspectives. This conference is ideal for community groups, regulators, advocates, utility representatives, attorneys, or those interested in our region’s energy industry.

To register, please visit: