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Center for Animal Law Studies

Legal Practicum: Animal Law Legislation (785)

March 30, 2016

Stephan Otto
4 credits
*generally offered every spring
*Limit: 4 students

NOTE: This course description is new for the 2016-2017 academic year. 


4 students

A legislative legal practicum aimed at improving animal protection laws throughout the country. Participants will acquire a substantive knowledge of the legislative process through study and practical experience in the development of primarily local-level animal protection laws.

Law student participants have the unique opportunity to research, analyze, develop, and advance local legislation while working for Animal Law Strategies LLC under the guidance of legislative affairs specialist & attorney Stephan Otto. Participants may have the occasion to work on select state-level issues as well.

Equipped with the experience and skills cultivated through this practicum, participants will be better prepared for future work in government and administrative agencies, as well as to represent a variety of clients with government and public policy interests.

Participants attend and participate in weekly interactive seminars, which will cover a variety of legislative issues (including statutory construction, strategy, legislative history, preemption and conflicts, lobbying, outreach and other related topics) and include a discussion of ongoing projects. In addition, participants also spend the equivalent of 10 hours a week working on projects, both on campus and independently, to the satisfaction of the supervising attorney. Any participant missing the orientation or more than 20% of the clinic sessions may be administratively withdrawn.

Meetings & seminars take place on Friday mornings between 8:30AM and 11:00AM on campus.

Legal Practicum: Animal Law Legislation is a 4-credit (credit/no-credit) course. This is a highly specialized experiential course and satisfies the professional skills requirement. Enrollment is limited and applicants for this course will be screened. Given the limitation of class size, early applications are encouraged. Primary considerations are level of interest and year in law school. Late applications may be considered based upon availability. To apply, submit a statement of interest (less than one-page in length) to the Registrar for consideration.

Suggested course: Animal Law Fundamentals

Note: Students are not compensated for work performed in connection with the legal practicum.