November 20, 2023

Submit Your ASB Winter Wish (Nov. 19-29)

Peers wish for gifts for their peers—and ASB grants them! 

Winter Wishes is a simple concept; students ask for gifts for their peers and ASB grants as many wishes as possible. Winter Wishes shows the power of giving and mutual aid, and this year to ensure we provide wishes for the most amount of students we are implementing a $25 cap per wish. 


Wishes can range from small tokens of appreciation, like candy or flowers, to practical gifts, like groceries! Regardless of size, all wishes are large in value. In fact, sometimes the smallest gifts create the most profound impacts. We invite the student body to submit wishes for their peers to help bring joy to campus during the final push of the semester. From students, supporting students: we hope you use this opportunity to uplift your friends at Lewis & Clark! Submit your ASB Winter Wish by Nov. 29th, through this form: 


*We cannot provide direct financial contributions as a wish, please limit your wishes to physical items or gift cards (no Visa gift cards)

*Be mindful of shipping costs! Do not purchase items with excessive costs!

If you have any questions, please contact: