January 08, 2024

Lewis & Clark to Honor 101 Staff for Their Years of Service

Lewis & Clark is holding two events next month to honor the 101* employees who have reached service milestones in both 2022 and 2023. See the full list of honorees and contribute your appreciation in the form of three words.

Next month, President Robin Holmes-Sullivan will host lunch at the Cooley House to honor staff celebrating 20+ years of service at Lewis & Clark, and brunch in Stamm to honor staff celebrating 5, 10, and 15 years of service at Lewis & Clark.

“I am looking forward to celebrating in person with these long-time employees,” said President Holmes-Sullivan. “Their dedication has a ripple effect. They deserve this moment of recognition because their consistent commitment to our community on all three campuses creates a better Lewis & Clark for all of us.”

To show appreciation for each honoree, the Lewis & Clark community is invited to use this form to share three words that come to mind when thinking of any (or all) of the honorees listed below. The Employee Recognition Committee will use your input to create word clouds that show the impact of the staff members being honored.

Two honored for 35 years of service:

Steve Johansen, associate dean of admissions, law school; and Brad Wilkin, director of information systems, Information Technology.

Two honored for 30 years of service:

Sharon Chinn, director of educational career, licensing, and accreditation service, graduate school; and Miranda Carney-Morris, director of educational technology, Information Technology.

Eight honored for 25 years of service:

Elaine Hirsch, associate director, Watzek Library; Jeremy McWilliams, head of digital services; Watzek Library; Shelly Meyer, editorial director, Communications; Liana Rein, serials/acquisition specialist, Boley Law Library; Robert Truman, associate dean and director, Boley Law Library; Brian White, assistant dean/director, International Student Services; Valerie White, ombudsperson, President’s Office; and Janet Wolff, medical administrative specialist, Student Health Services.

Eleven honored for 20 years of service:

Jenny Bornstein, resource sharing specialist, Watzek Library; Janna Clark, associate director of marketing, Communications; Kelly DelFatti, assistant vice president, Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance; Lisa Frenz, legal specialist III, Dean of Law Faculty; Meg Garvin, executive director/clinical faculty, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Vanessa Holmgren, director of internal communications and community engagement, Communications; Rebecca Holt, assistant vice president, Advancement; Jeremy Loew, head athletic trainer, Physical Education and Athletics; Juan Morales, circulation attendant, Watzek Library; Michael Waddell, assistant treasurer/accountant, Business and Finance; and Elizabeth Young, enterprise application administrator/developer, Information Technology.

Seventeen honored for 15 years of service:

Janet Bixby, associate dean/associate professor, Graduate School; Talie Bocci, weekend supervisor, Watzek Library; James Bunnelle, acquisitions and collection development librarian, Watzek Library; Terry Campos, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Khoi Dinh, director of prospect research, Advancement; Scott Fletcher, dean and professor of education, Graduate School; Maureen Gilbert, dispatch II, Campus Safety; Morgan Grether, director of new media, Communications; Tamara Ko, director of student engagement and special events, Student Engagement; Claire Kodachi, administrative coordinator, Religious Studies; Andrew McPheeters, associate vice president for community engagement and travel programs, Alumni and Parent Engagement; Esme Miller, associate director, Research and Assessment Office; Nick Mobley, officer, Campus Safety; Matthew Robins, technical director, Theatre; Sharon Sexton, associate director and senior /woman administrator, Physical Education and Athletics; Amy Timmins, administrative specialist, Physics; and Maxwell Williams, grounds lead, Facilities Services.

Twenty-four honored for 10 years of service:

Marissa Behringer, marketing and communications manager, Center for Community Engagement; Rian Brennan, administrative coordinator, Biology; Adam Buchwald, associate vice president and chief information officer, Information Technology; Lia Comerford, staff attorney, Earthrise Law Center; Ronna Craig, legal specialist II, dean of law faculty; Angela Dendas-Pleasant, assistant athletic director/head of strength and conditioning coach/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Julieanna Elegant, director of strategic partnerships and outreach, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Adam Geisler, operations manager, Business Law Programs; Lindy Gewin, lab coordinator/instructor, Biology; Caitlin Hansen, registrar specialist II, Graduate School Registrar’s Office; Tiffany Henning, law registrar, Law School Registrar’s Office; Julie Hester, director of administration and operations, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Lindsay Kadish, director of operations and program administration, Center for Animal Law Studies; Blythe Knott, director, Overseas and Off-Campus Programs; Lisa Milner; cashier and accounts receivable specialist, Becky Monteith, accounts payable specialist, Business and Finance; Renee Orlick, assistant vice president, Institutional Research and Planning; Natasha Richmond, director of alumni relations, Law Alumni Relations; Katherine Shallenberger, associate vice president of financial planning and analysis, Business and Finance; Kathy Tymoczko, senior developer/analyst, Information Technology; Amanda Valley, associate director, Alumni and Parent Engagement; Billy Walker, program director and special assistant to vice president of operations, Business and Finance; Alyssa Warren-Salstrom, assistant director of student affairs, Law Career Services; and Amanda Wilson, groundskeeper, Facilities Services;

Thirty-seven honored for five years of service:

Judy Asbury, assistant dean of communications and external relations; Law Admissions; Pamela Byce, assistant dean and executive director, Center for Animal Law Studies; Bettina Calaba, senior development officer/major gifts officer, law school; Jessica Carron, assistant dean, Student Rights and Responsibilities; Alexander Davis, development associate, Earthrise Law Center; Shane Davis, locksmith, Facilities Services; Frankie Diferdinando, director of problem gambling services, Counseling, Therapy and School Psychology; Suzanne Falenczykowski, project coordinator, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Mikhail Filarski, senior assistant dean of admissions, CAS Admissions; Nori Gruber, director, Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center; Hilary Himan, chaplain and director, Spiritual Life; Katarina Hunter, administrative advisor to the director, Center of Entrepreneurship; David Johnson, associate vice president for foundation relations and strategic philanthropy, Advancement; James Kite, research and instruction librarian, Boley Law Library; Matt Kosderka, head baseball coach/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Katherine Leibel, college advisor, Dean of the College; Joanne Leijon, assistant director, Financial Aid; Mattie Levendosky, senior executive assistant, Advancement; Claudia Loeber, assistant crew coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Rachel Martinez, special assistant to the president, President’s Office; Rita Martinez, director of law faculty services, Dean of the Law School; Patti Mapes, executive assistant, CAS Admissions; Read McFaddin, assistant director, Institutional Research; Timothy McCrory, head men’s basketball coach/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Cassandra Quaglia, director of facilities budget and planning, Facilities Services; Raj Reddy, director, Center for Animal Law Studies; David Reese, vice president, chief of staff, general counsel, and board secretary, President’s Office; Jeff Roberts, maintenance engineer III, Facilities Services; Lydia Ruiz-Hom, legal specialist II, Law School; Carra Sahler, staff attorney, Green Energy Institute; Margaret Salstrom, administrative assistant IV, Dean of the College; Becky Smith, law admissions data analyst, Law Admissions; Kaitlin Sommerfeld, associate director, Overseas and Office-Campus Programs; Desiree Staeffler-Marchbanks, senior victim law fellow, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Teri Stoesser, financial analyst, Finance and Operations; John Walsh, officer, Campus Safety; and Courtney Whetstine, registrar, Graduate Registrar’s Office.

Visit Human Resources for the archive of staff who have been recognized over the past several years.

*If you are a staff member who has reached a work anniversary in the past two years and you did not receive an invitation to be recognized at an event, please contact hr@lclark.edu.