January 11, 2024

Please Review School Closure Policy Prior to Threat of Winter Weather

Winter weather is in the forecast, so now is the time to review the policies we have in place to keep faculty, staff, and students safe and the institution running during snow, ice, or other dangerous weather events.

Lewis & Clark’s School Closure Policy provides for two possible courses of action when adverse conditions impact campus operations:

1. Institutional Closure

We will announce a full closure when a major event significantly disrupts our campus and the wider community. In such a case:

  • All classes and activities are canceled.
  • Most nonresidential buildings on campus will remain locked.
  • Only “essential personnel” are permitted to come to campus.
  • Other employees are generally not expected to work.

2. Curtailment or Modification of Institutional Activities

In most situations, we will not fully close. Instead, we will announce modified operations to allow some activities, events, and work to continue. During a curtailment/modification:

  • the physical campuses will be closed, however certain activities, including some online classes, may continue;
  • “essential personnel” will need to report to campus as usual;
  • all other employees who are able to work remotely will be expected to do so to the extent possible, although those who are unable to do so—whether due to a power outage, family obligations, the nature of their position, or lack of proper equipment at home—will not be penalized for not working.

In both situations—institutional closure and curtailment or modification of institutional activities—employees will be paid for their full regular work day, and nonexempt “essential personnel” who are required to report to campus will be paid double time, as provided in applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Notification Process

Information about a closure or curtailment or modification of activities will be conveyed by text message and email using our emergency notification system, Rave. We strive to make such announcements by 5:30 a.m. when possible, although circumstances do not always allow us to do so. Information will also be shared and kept up-to-date on the three Lewis & Clark homepages, and will be posted on social media. The best place for reliable and current information is the homepage.

Employees are encouraged to confirm that their contact information is correct in Workday. Directions about how to do so can be found here. In particular, please ensure that your mobile phone number is correct and that it is categorized as “mobile;” if it is not categorized as “mobile,” you will not receive text alerts from the system.