February 26, 2024

Reinventing Synergia: The Journal of Gender Thought and Expression

Synergia, a campus publication of poetry, prose, visual art, and essays related to Gender Studies, with submissions from students, faculty, and staff alike, is being re-established after a five-year absence.

The Gender Studies program is proud to announce the revitalization of the student publication Synergia: The Journal of Gender Thought and Expression. Synergia, from the Greek synergos, refers to a combined action/operation such that the total cooperative effort is greater than the sum of the individual effects–working together.

Part of this project has been creating a searchable digital collection of the full run of all 29 printed issues, dating back to 1991. Thanks to the bold vision and dedication of McKenna Jones, L&C ’24, the Synergia digital collection is now part of the Watzek Library Special Collections.

The new Synergia editors have been hard at work organizing a new board and collecting submissions for the first new issue since 2019. Copies of the 2023-24 printed issue will be available at the 43rd Annual Gender Studies Symposium (March 6-8), with a special celebration of this year’s publication on March 7.

For more information on how to get involved, contact synergia@lclark.edu.