March 01, 2024

Are we Religiously Literate?

Guest Columnist: Hilary Martin Himan

Hello Everyone!
As peace seekers, boundary-walkers, and global citizens, I invite our community to grow in our religious literacy. Religious literacy deepen our understanding of historical events, political dynamics, and social norms shaped by religious beliefs — which promotes critical thinking, empathy, and a more harmonious and just society. By being knowledgeable about various religions, we can better appreciate cultural diversity, navigate interactions with respect and curiosity, and alleviate misunderstandings that often lead to conflict.
This spring brings many significant holidays for adherents of world religions. These holidays all offer opportunities to learn and engage- both on and off campus.
  • Ramadan begins March 11, and observant Muslims around the world will fast for a month, refraining from eating and drinking from sunup to sundown. Iftar meals will occur after sundown. Eid concludes Ramadan with great celebration. Connect with our Muslim Student Association to learn more about what is happening on campus.
  • Holi is a popular Hindu festival celebrating the victory of good over evil on March 25. The Center for Spiritual Life is working with students interested in celebrating Holi. Stay tuned for more information!
  • Easter is March 31, and Christians celebrate new life and the resurrection of Christ. Connect with Pio Christian Fellowship and The Agape Experience (T.A.E.) to learn more. An Easter service will be happening on campus at 4:00 p.m. that Sunday.
  • Passover is the Jewish Feast of Unleavened Bread, and begins sundown on Mon. April 22 and ends in the evening on April 30. Connect with Hillel to join the Community Seder on April 22.
In our interconnected world, our religious literacy competencies will be essential to building bridges of understanding, peace, and inclusion.
Hilary Martin Himan
Director of Spiritual Life and Chaplain to All: Spiritual, Secular, and Religious