April 05, 2024

Earthrise is hiring current 1Ls and 2Ls for its summer 2024 clerkship program.

Earthrise Law Center is re-opening its summer clerkship application process and is now accepting applications from current 1Ls and 2Ls for its summer 2024 clerkship program.

There are a few different ways to enroll or be hired as a summer clerk with Earthrise, but the work and responsibilities will be the same.

First, you can be hired by Earthrise as a paid intern. Because Earthrise has limited funding for summer intern salaries, Earthrise will encourage all successful internship applicants to also seek PILP funding or funding from other sources, such as the Wyss Fellowship. If students obtain such funding it will take the place of the student’s salary from Earthrise for some or all of the summer.

Second, students can also apply to be a paid extern, while additionally receiving academic credit.

Earthrise will pay all summer clerks $18 per hour. Students should indicate in their application whether they prefer an internship or an externship that also includes academic credit.

All applying students should indicate whether they are work-study eligible. Earthrise receives a work-study grant each year and does expect students who are work-study eligible to be paid, at least in part, with work-study funds.

Earthrise’s summer clerks’ responsibilities include assisting Earthrise clinical professors and staff attorneys in all aspects of public interest environmental litigation, including legal research, drafting pleadings and motions, participating in negotiations, and potentially court appearances. Earthrise is looking for applicants with strong research and writing skills and a demonstrated interest in public interest environmental law. Summer clerks will be expected to work a minimum of ten weeks, forty hours per week. Work schedules will be flexible, allowing for vacations and long weekends.

Each application should include a cover letter indicating your preference for an externship or internship and explaining your interest in working at Earthrise. For purposes of evaluating conflicts, please also complete the Earthrise conflicts form (https://law.lclark.edu/live/files/32536-conflicts-form). Along with your cover letter and completed conflicts form your application must also include your current resume, a transcript (unofficial is fine) showing a cumulative GPA of 2.6 or higher, and a maximum 10-page writing sample.

If possible, please combine these documents into one PDF file. Do not send hard copies to Earthrise. Interested students should submit their applications electronically to earthrise@lclark.edu. All applications must be received on or before Thursday, April 11th, 2024 at 5:00 PM.

Becoming an Earthrise summer clerk requires an additional step in the application process. Students first must apply directly to Earthrise. After Earthrise accepts their applications, students seeking an externship will then apply for their externships through the Career Services Office. Earthrise will assist those accepted students with the Career Services externship application process, but before applying to Earthrise students interested in externships should review Lewis & Clark’s general externship requirements to be sure they qualify. See http://law.lclark.edu/offices/career_services/externships/

All summer clerks are encouraged to enroll in the Earthrise clinic during the academic year following their clerkship if they have not already taken the Earthrise clinic.